PRotect the icelandic horse from infectious diseases

Visitors are asked to adopt strict biosecurity measures! 
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Importing the following equipment is strictly prohibited:

• Used riding equipment, such as saddles, bridles, nosebands, pads,
rugs, whips, etc.
• Used riding gloves, used shoes made of leather

Cleaning and disinfection:

• Used riding clothes and boots should be washed in a washing
machine or dry cleaned prior to entering the country.

• Used riding clothes and boots that cannot be placed in a washing
machine or dry cleaned should be washed and disinfected as follows:
– Rinse thoroughly with detergent
– Dry
– Spray with 1% VirkonS® (10g per liter of water)
– Store for at least 5 days prior to bringing the clothes
into contact with horses in Iceland

You can also get help to have your equipment disinfected at Public Health Departments, Institutes for infectious diseases or ask your veterinary. 
At the arrival on Iceland you can be asked of having a proof certificate.

Icelandic horses are not vaccinated and are therefore susceptible to infectious agents from abroad! All our guests are responsible to be updated about these rules ( Steinbjörns Horsetrips will not be responsible for this).