En stor rubrik.

Here follows a to-remember-list before your trip :)

- Note that allowed luggage weight differs between airlines
– Note that since the horses on Iceland are not vaccinated all of your riding equipment must be washed. The things you can not wash (shoes, helmet etc.) must be disinfected before departure. Viral is a disinfectant which you can use and is normally sold in horse stores. You are not allowed to bring used leather gloves or other used leather equipment ( as used leather shoes).
– The weather varies on Iceland so make sure to be prepared for warm, cold and wet weather. It’s not a bad idea to bring two pairs of riding breeches and a double set of other things that can be wet (we often ride through water) and things may not have time to dry. If it’s possible we will bring a car out with us where we can store some extra clothes.

Here is a list of important equipment to bring :

Rain clothes
A warm cap
Warm underwear
Riding breeches (double)
A warm sweater/s – It’s a good idea to bring a thin fleece and a warmer sweater
Riding boots
Sunglasses – Both for sun and sand
Mosquito net to have over your head – sometimes needed when we stop 
Bathing suit
Some guests use small "bellybelts", we don´t use saddle bags. We do have a car wich  comes at lunchtime, it is ok to have an extra little bag in this car.
Some people bring vacuum bags , maybe a good idea to pack your dirty stuff in when you are going home. 
Overalls-if you are planning to visit us during the fall, this can be a good idea
If you are afraid of getting ache while riding, some of our guests recommends bicycle pants