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Horse roundup for 2020 is described below on this page. 
Horse roundup for 2021 is under development

We offer great horsebackriding in beautiful surroundings on the northwest of Iceland .
We are riding through a beautiful landscape, sometimes through water, on beaches,  up  on the mountains and beside rivers. In some tours we are even riding through the sea. When we ride we have  a  big loose herd  with us ( it is usually 60-90 horses in the herd ).  A group of riders are in the front, then the loose herd comes and finally the riders who are in the back. A great adventure and a memory for life. The tours are for medium plus or experienced riders. Minimum age is 15 years. We will stay in a beautiful house with a gorgeous  sea view  called Miðfjörður. The house is  placed  circa 10-15 minutes walk from Hvammstangi. Sometimes we get to see, from the house, whales swimming and playing. During the  horsetrip , accomodation and food are included in the price. Also included in the price is to be picked up (the day before the trip starts ) at BSI 17.30. BSI is the central busstation in Reykjavik  and on the departure day to be driven back to the airport or at the BSI ( the central bus station in Reykjavik) Departureday is the day after the trip is finished. 
Not included in the price is the flight to Iceland nor your own insurances

NOTE  the Horse roundup is in the autumn . 
Level for all the tours : middle plus or experienced
Minimum age 15 years
Maximum weight rider 90 kg
Important flight information !!  For the Horseroundup, read separate information below how to think

Summertrips; When you book your flight for all the summer horsetrips you have to book your arrival flight the day before the first day of the riding tour. At the  arrival day  we will pick you up at 17.30 at BSI which is the central bus station in Reykjavik. (Fly buses from Keflavik are driving regularly from the airport to BSI and will take ca 45 min.)

When you book your
departure flight for the summer trips; has to be booked the day after the last riding day. The flight shouldn´t be earlier than 13.00 o´clock  because you have to leave from Hvammstangi cirka five and a half hour before departure.We will drive you from our house in Hvammstangi to either the airport Keflavik or to BSI .  If you are booking the Horsegathering trip, please read below the special information how to think when you  book your flight ticket back home

Special diet  We can offer vegetarian food but if you have other special needs you can of course bring your own food and use the kitchen after making an agreement about this matter.


Horse roundup 2020 , 30 sept-4 oct

Before the cold and the hard winter strikes, all the horses which are on the Highland have to be brought back home. When all the horses are brought down in the valley they have to be sorted to their right owners. It is not always easy to recognize your own horses, the icelandic farmers often own a lot of horses and there are also many old exciting stories about some confusions and mix-ups. Today it is less of confusions, it is not allowed to let any horse up on the highland without being chipmarked. 

There are not so many places left on Iceland, only some places in the north,  who offers this exceptional opportunity and proud old tradition for the horseherds. The horseherds get this enormous area to move around on by them selves, totally free on the best part of the year. The horses in the herd have to manage, they have to learn about hierarchy and find their place in the population, they learn how to move around on different grounds , such as mountains, through water and so forth. They also have to learn how to find food and water. Stóðréttir in Viðidal is one of the Horse roundups in the north where the horses are to be brought back home and sorted. This is one of the largest Happening during the year, a lot of people return or come to Viðidal, they don´t want to miss this weekend. We are very happy and proud to have the opportunity to offer you this trip! 

Wednesday 30/9 pick up at BSI between 17.00-17.30 ( BSI is the central bustation in Reykjavik). Flybuses are driving from the airport to BSI, it takes approximately 45 min. Then we will drive north to our house and be offered a lighter meal when we arrive in the evening.
Thursday 1/10  before lunch we are trying our horses which we are going to keep during these days. In the afternoon we are riding from Galtanes till Valdarás where we leave our horses. 
Friday 2/10 After breakfast we will go by bus to have a little excursion in the neigbourhood. In the afternoon we will meet up with the herd which is coming down from the Highland. We will ride together with the herd from Valdarás to Viðidalstungurétt. On the way together with the horses it will be breaks and stops. In the evening we will serve dinner and for those who wants to go to Gauksmýri for a little party we will arrange for this. No admission fee, at Gauksmýri there will be a bar open. 
Saturday 3/10 Sharp 11.00 o´clock is the big herd taken out from the pen to the "réttin" and the horses are to be sorted. This will go on for some hours, if you are hungry it is possible to buy sausage, coffee, bread and so on during the day. When all the horses are sorted it is time for all the farmers to ride home with their horses  and that is what we also will do. We ride our horses to Galtanes.When we have arrived the bus will pick us up so we can go home and we will have a meal and get the opportunity to freshen us up and get ready for the big icelandic dance .Tickets will be sold.  In Viðihlið it will be a band and dancing, it starts late and it goes on late...everybody has to bring their on drinks, nothing is sold.
Sunday 4/10 After breakfast the bus will drive south circa 09.00 from  Hvammstangi to Keflavik or Reykjavik ( NOTE when you order your flight tickets;  be aware that you will need about five hours to get to the airport . It is ca three hours of driving and you need to be at the airport two hours before departure) 

Level for the Horse round up; medium plus or experienced, not unexperienced!!
Maximumweight rider:
Minimum age 16 years

Price 930 Euro

Not included in the price ; flight tickets  and own insurances. Busticket from the airport to BSI. Alcoholic beverages 
Included in the price;  transfer at your arrival day from BSI 5.00-5.30 pm ( 17.00-17.30) to our house in Hvammstangi and on your departure day transfer from our house 09.00 am to Keflavik or BSI/Reykjavik. Accommodation. At the evening on your arrival the 30th of Sept a lighter meal is served. Between the 1st of Oct til the 3rd of Oct breakfast, lunch/or sandwiches which we make by ourselves and in the evening supper. The 4th of Oct is breakfast served. Horses and excursions which are described above. 

Important flight information !! you have to book your flight arrival to the 30th of Sept. We will pick you up at BSI beween 5.00-5.30 pm ( BSI is the central bus station in Reykjavik, flybuses drives from the airport to BSI. The  flybus drive takes ca 45 min)
When you book your departure  to the 4 th of Oct, be aware that the bus will leave from Hvammstangi cirka 09.00 o ´clock am. You will need about five hours to get to the airport . It takes ca three hours of driving and you need to be at the airport two hours before departure.You can choose if you want to be driven to the airport or to BSI

Special diet We can offer vegetarian food but if you have other special needs you can of course bring your own food and use the kitchen after making an agreement about this matter.


 Summer Horsetrips 2021
level for horsebackriding at all tours: medium plus or experienced
weight limit rider 90 kg
minimum age 15 years
The price is set in icelandic crowns. It is easy to find an exchange converter on the internet so you can figure out what the current rate is in your home country

During all our tours we will explore the beautiful and gorgeous nature of Húnavatnssýsla!!We will ride on  ancient riding trails, through water, on roads and paths, downhills and uphills and all the time together with our loos big herd.
 Tour 1 4 nights, 3 riding days. Pick up at  BSI the 20/6 at 17.30, ridning 21-22-23 of June, departure day at BSI alternative at Keflavik airport 24/6. Price 140 600 icelandic crowns cancelled

Tour 2 4 nights, 3 riding days. Pick up at  BSI 27/6 at 17.30, riding 28-29-30  of June. Departure day the 1st of July to be driven to Keflavik or BSI. Price 140 600 icelandic crowns
Tour 3  6 nights, 5 riding days. Pick up at BSI the 4th of July at 17.30, riding 5-6-7-8-9 July, Departure day to be driven to BSI or Keflavik the 10 of july.  Price 225 624 icelandic crowns Cancelled
Tour 4 4 nights, 3 riding days. pick up at  BSI 13/7 at 17.30, riding 14-15-16 of July.Departureday to be driven to Keflavik or BSI the 17th of July. Price 140 600 icelandic crowns 
Tour 5 6 nights, 5 riding days. Pick up at BSI the 20/7 at 17.30, riding 21-22-23-24-25 of July, Departure day to be driven to BSI or Keflavik the 26th of July.  Price 225 624 icelandic crowns
Tour 6 6 nights, 5 riding days. Pick up at  BSI the 29/7 at 17.30, riding 30 July-31 July-1 Aug-2 Aug-3 Aug, Departure day to be driven to BSI or Keflavik the 4th of Aug. Price 225 624 icelandic crowns Fullybooked

Tour 7   5 nights, 4 riding days. Pick up at BSI the 7th of Aug  at 17.30 at 17.30, riding 8-9-10-11  of Aug. Departure day to be driven to BSI or Keflavik den 12 of Aug. Pris 180500 icelandic crowns 
Tour 8 5 nights, 4 riding days. Pick up at BSI at 17.30 the 15th of Aug at 17.30, riding 16-17-18-19 August.  Departure day to be driven to BSI or Keflavik the 20 th of August. Price 180500 icelandic crowns Fullybooked