Summertrips 2024 are described on the right side on this page.

We offer great horsebackriding in beautiful surroundings on the northwest of Iceland .
We are riding through a beautiful landscape, sometimes through water, on beaches,  up  on the mountains and beside rivers. In some tours we are even riding through the sea. When we ride we have  a  big loose herd  with us ( it is usually 60-90 horses in the herd ).  A group of riders are in the front, then the loose herd comes and finally the riders who are in the back. A great adventure and a memory for life. The tours are for experienced riders with experience of icelandic horses. Minimum age is 15 years, maximum weight 90 kg. We will stay in a beautiful house with a gorgeous  sea view  called Miðfjörður. The house is  placed  circa 10-15 minutes walk from Hvammstangi. Sometimes we get to see, from the house, whales swimming and playing. During the  horsetrip , accomodation and food are included in the price. Also included in the price is to be picked up (the day before the trip starts ) at BSI 17.30. BSI is the central busstation in Reykjavik  and on the departure day, after breakfast, you will be driven back to BSI ( the central bus station in Reykjavik) Departure day is the day after the trip is finished. 
Not included in the price is the flight to Iceland nor your own insurances

Level for all the tours :  experienced riders with experience of icelandic horses
Minimum age 15 years
Maximum weight rider 90 kg

Summertrips; When you book your flight for all the summer horsetrips you have to book your arrival flight the day before the first day of the riding tour. At the  arrival day  we will pick you up at 17.30 at BSI which is the central bus station in Reykjavik. (Fly buses from Keflavik are driving regularly from the airport to BSI and will take ca 45 min.)

When you book your
departure flight for the summer trips; has to be booked earliest the day after the last riding day. We will drive you from our house in Hvammstangi, after breakfast,  to BSI .  

Special diet  We can offer vegetarian food but if you have other special needs you can of course bring your own food and use the kitchen after making an agreement about this matter.


 Summer Horsetrips 2024 

evel for horsebackriding:  
These trips are for experienced riders with experience of Icelandic horses.   
Maximum weight rider: 90 kg  
Minimum age. 15 years  

  The price is set in icelandic crowns. It is easy to find an exchange converter on the internet so you can figure out what the current rate is in your home country 
We will ride on  ancient riding trails, through water, on roads and paths, downhills and uphills and all the time together with our loose big herd. 

Tour 1 4 nights, 3 riding days in the beautiful area of  Húnavatnssýsla. Pick up at  BSI the 23/6 at 17.30, riding days 24-25-26/6. Departure day  27/6, transfer to BSI after breakfast. Price 187 000 icelandic crowns .  
 Not available
Tour 2 5 nights, 4 riding days in the beautiful area of Húnavatnssýsla. Pick up at  BSI 28/6 at 17.30, riding 29/6-30/6-1/7-2/7. Departure day the 3 th of July, after breakfast transfer to BSI. Price 249 000 icelandic crowns  Fullybooked 
Tour 3 6 nights, 5 riding days.  We will ride in the beautiful area of Húnavatnssýsla. Pick up at BSI the 12th of July at 17.30, riding 13-14-15-16-17 July, Departure day  18/7, transfer to BSI after breakfast.  297 000 icelandic crowns  Fully booked
Tour 4 7 nights, 6 riding days. We will pick the best parts of Húnavatnssýsla. Pick up at the BSI 21/7 at 17.30, riding 22-23-24-25-26-27. Departure day 28/7. Preebooked and fullybooked.