About us

Steinbjörn Tryggvason has since he was old enough to fit into the saddle dedicated his life to icelandic horses and riding tours.  He is very familiar with all the old riding routes which are unique nature treasures. Not very many people still remember where the routes are to be followed. Steinbjörn (or Steini as we call him) has safely taken foreigners and locals along these old highland routes.

 Steinbjörns ambition during the horsetrips is that everyone should get the most suitable horse. The riding can be tough and all of these tours do not fit for beginners. While we ride we push a herd and the riders change horses about 2-3 times during a riding day.  Most of the day tours are around 20-30km in distance  but can be longer or shorter.

is from Sweden and lives on Iceland together with Steinbjörn